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About Us


Gill Excavating LLC and GMN Inc. are a family owned business that was started over 20 years ago. The owners, Gene, Jason, and Michael, believe that each project should be done right and reasonably just like we would do it if we were doing it for ourselves.


We offer many services such as clearing, mowing, and removal of brush with a trackhoe or the Brown Brontosaurus brush mower; roadside ditching with a Hurricane side arm ditcher; dirt moving with scrapers or trucks; and culvert installation.

Using trackhoes, we can remove and pile large trees and brush; clean and maintain ditches using a long reach or standard trackhoe; and place rip rap. We can remove and replace metal and concrete box structures with culverts that you provide us. If necessary, we will find the culverts for you, such as railroad tank cars or dual wall pipe.

The Brown Brontosaurus Mower is a complete brush control system that allows us to mow brush all year, even in difficult terrain. The mower system allows us to grind and mulch trees. These mowers can also grind up stumps, mow low-lying brush, and side trim trees. 

The Hurricane Ditcher has a 42” diameter wheel that discharges dirt out and away from the roadside ditch up to 150', putting it back where it came from in the field. This saves on the cost of rock when ditches are cleaned by grading material back out into the road by using a road grader.


We can also move dirt and material with our elevating or pan scrapers, pulled with Challengers or using our dump trucks and semis.

From estimate to project completion, we make sure that the project is done efficiently and right.


If you would like for us to look at a project or have any questions, please feel free to contact

Jason at (618) 838-1301


Michael at (618) 838-7276.


If there is work to be done with a large machine, we can handle it.


After all these years, there have been numerous situations we have found solutions to.


Collapsed Grain Bins
Farm Equipment Stuck in Mud
Levee Repair
Storm Damage
Tornado/Disaster Cleanup
Vehicle & Equipment Rollover


Contact Us

Jason Gill
(618) 838-1301

Michael Gill
(618) 838-7276

Fax: (618) 854-2405

Business Location:

2639 CR 1580N
Mount Erie, IL 62446


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Our Services

  • Building Pads
  • Brush Removal
  • Brush Mowing Grinding/Mulching
  • Culvert Installation/Replacement
  • Digging Basements
  • Dirt Leveling
  • Ditch Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Farm Site Clean Up
  • CRP Clearing
  • Fencerow Removal
  • FSA Projects
  • Grain Piles
  • Pond Cleaning
  • Pond/Lake Construction
  • Right of Way Clearing
  • Riprap Placement
  • Road Ditch Cleaning
  • Site Preparation
  • Tank Car Culverts For Sale


Equipment List

  • Blade Cat
  • Cat Challenger & Pan Scraper
  • Ditcher
  • Dump Truck
  • Elevating Scraper
  • Hurricane Side Arm
  • Long Reach Excavator
  • Lowboy
  • Trackhoes





Our incentive is to get to your job, do it as fast as possible and go beyond your expectations of great work so we can move onto the next customer on our list.




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